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picture perfect

today's parent magazine, feb. 2012 issue

"...a wonderfully whimsical new book that tells the story of a lonely clown who seeks a brighter life when all of the stars come crashing down from the sky. Kolpak’s dreamlike story and Finlay’s beautiful photographs are sure to enchant children six years and up."

fascinating & timeless

perogiesandgyoza.com, october 7, 2012

"An inspiring story about perseverance... It feels like a book of theatre stills - and the sense of movement is divine...The lyrical quality of the prose adds an extra dimension to the fascinating and timeless photos. My kids were invested in every step of Meera's journey. This amazing book is truly one-of-a-kind." read the full review

intriguing & original

canadian children's book news, spring 2012

"...readers feel they are in a dream world. The stark land, the strange, remote characters and the use of haunting, melodic refrains combine to create an illusory, sometimes menacing atmosphere. This quality is reinforced by...the beautiful, photographic images...[This] title will make a handsome and thoughtful addition for large and special libraries, or in classrooms where there is an opportunity to discuss the ideals encompassed within the story."